USCIS Immigration Resource Center

We keep you informed on current immigration processes, providing up-to-date information on visa processing times, USCIS service center processing times, USCIS local office processing times and expected border wait times. We provide instructions on how to schedule an infoPass appointment, check your case status online, and much more!


Processing times vary depending on a variety of factors including the location where your forms are submitted. We list the average processing times for the most popular forms in four different states.


The USCIS InfoPass Appointment System allows you to schedule on online appointment with a USCIS representative, eliminating the need to go to your local USCIS office in person. Step by step directions on how to take advantage of this service.


When applying for a green card through employment, your employee beneficiary will have to obtain a Labor Certification, also known as Perm Processing. We explain this process and give you how-to directions.


The role of the National Visa Center (NVC) is explained along with their services and fees.

A rundown of processing times for a variety of visas including temporary work visas, visitor visas, student and exchange visas, and fiancé(e) visas.


The USCIS website allows you to check the status of your filed petitions and applications online. This is a guide to the nine stages which your petition or application will go through before a final decision is made.

Non-citizens of the United States are required to report any change of address. This is a guide to the proper procedure of filing Form AR-11, Change of Address.


  • Border Wait Times Border wait times vary depending on your citizenship, your visa category and the location of the border crossing. We take you through different scenarios of border crossings and let you know what to expect and what to prepare for.
  • Consular Processing Consular Processing is the process of obtaining a visa by having an American citizen or permanent resident act as your beneficiary and file a petition on your behalf. We take you through the steps of this process.
  • Immigration Forms Processing The USCIS often processes forms based on preference according to specific immigrant categories. Here is an overview of processing times for popular petitions and applications broken down by immigrant categories.
  • USCIS Local Offices Processing A list of the locations of local USCIS offices and their average processing times of Form I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, Form N-400 Application for Citizenship (Naturalization) and Form N-600 Application for Certification of Citizenship.
  • USCIS Premium Processing The USCIS offers expedited processing, guaranteeing forms to be processed within 15 days, for a fee. An explanation of this service, its benefits and costs.